Kevin has been organizing with the PICO National Network (now known as Faith in Action) for more than 20 years, developing leaders who put faith into action and build powerful organization to address shared community concerns and social justice issues. He has been SDOP’s executive director since January 2008, responsible for staff development, fundraising, strategic planning, issue development and the formation of local leaders to increase their civic engagement and voter participation.

As supervisor of the organization’s leadership training activities, Kevin ensures that local grassroots leaders are developing the skills they need to address the issues facing their neighborhoods and communities, and has supported groups of leaders as they respond to issues such as police reform, immigration reform, health care, housing, community safety and public school reform.

Kevin also provides leadership within local and regional coalitions that bring together diverse groups of stakeholders to build consensus, work collaboratively to solve pressing issues in the community, and increase voter participation among infrequent voters of color. Prior to joining PICO, Kevin worked overseas for more than 10 years in West Africa and Southeast Asia doing similar work. Kevin has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. When he is not busy working for the revolution, he is taking care of his chickens and vegetable garden.