Thank You For Choosing Faith Not Fear

April 24, 2017

On April 19, our liberation began. More than 700 of us packed the pews and lined the aisles of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Barrio Logan as Father John Auther, SJ read a litany of community fears and the lights dimmed. We held candles in our hands as he described the real fears many of us experience – from losing healthcare to no longer being welcome in this country.

Hundreds of flickering lights illuminated our faces, ready to remind a divisive world of our shared humanity. For two hours, our faith leaders spoke about working together to put families first, to remember that faith can overcome fear, and to remind us that no one stands alone.

If you didn't sign up to join our action teams, click here and pledge to choose Faith Not Fear (para español haga clic aquí). 

Together we pledge to form action teams to protect equal rights for all children of God, prioritizingn issues including:

  • Safe neighborhoods and positive, collaborative relationships between our communities and our police
  • A reformed criminal justice system that no longer disproportionally imprisons people of color
  • Quality education for all students, with enriching before- and after-school programs
  • Living wages to provide for our families
  • Affordable housing, combating homelessness and protecting tenants’ rights
  • Quality healthcare as a basic human right
  • Legal permanent residency for undocumented families, so they can participate in our shared prosperity

As Bishop Terrell Fletcher said, change doesn’t happen just because we fill up churches on a Wednesday night. The Faith Not Fear Summit was just the beginning. Want to relive some of the inspiration?