Raise the Wage San Diego

March 09, 2016

Two years after originally passing the CityCouncil, the ordinance to increase the minimum wage and provide earned sickleave will officially be on the June 2016 ballot. San Diegans will finally have their voices heard and will be able to vote to raisethe wage for over 170,000 hard-working San Diegans, enough people to fill everyseat in Petco Park four times over.

When voters pass this measure on June 7, 2016,the phase-in approved by the City Council will go into effect immediately,meaning wages will increase to $10.50 the next day, and then to $11.50 onJanuary 1, 2017. Every person who works in San Diego will also have access tofive earned sick days. This measure is long overdue.

Will you please stand with me to give over170,000 hard-working San Diegans a raise and earned sick leave on June 7th? Please visit www.raisethewagesd.comto find out how to get involved. ~Councilmember Todd Gloria

Will YOU go today to and sign up in support?

Kevin Malone
Executive Director