Issues & Campaigns

Invest In San Diego Families

Our leaders make their presence known at a San Diego County budget hearing.

"A God who served the interests of the rich is not the God we serve." -Lita Morales

Our Vision

Ensuring our tax dollars are spent where they matter, to build better lives for all families. It is immoral for the county to have a nearly $2 billion reserve fund when our families are struggling.

Our Major Victories

  • Transparency and community participation in County budgeting.
    As a lead partner in the Invest in San Diego Families coalition, we hold County officials accountable to use our tax dollars to improve the quality of life for our families and have contributed to the release of a report on the County's low-benefit enrollment rates.
  • Advocating for an evening budget hearing, when working families can attend
    Traditionally, the County of San Diego held its budget hearing meetings during daytime hours when most working citizens were not available to participate and/or voice their opinions. Through our collaborative efforts, we changed this. In 2016, the County held its first evening budget hearing meeting.
  • Urging the County to invest in programs that benefit our families
    For the first time ever, the county allocated $25 million dollars of its $2 billion rainy day fund toward the homelessness and affordable housing issue. This is a first for a County Board that has traditionally been apathetic to the housing and homelessness issue in San Diego. We will continue to push the County to release more of its extensive reserve funds to better meet community needs.

Our Fight

Increase awareness of the County's role in funding programs our families need. We work to increase accountability, transparency and community participation in the budgeting process, with particular emphasis on health and human services and justice system resources.