Issues & Campaigns

Ensure No One Stands Alone

Refugio and Carmen Roa from St. Anthony’s stand up for Dreamers.

"No one should live with this fear. No child should fear separation from their parents, and no parents should be afraid of being separated from their kids." -Katia Ortiz

Our Vision

Legal and permanent residency for undocumented families so they can participate in our shared prosperity.

Our Major Victories

  • Developing San Diego's Rapid Response Network
    No person deserves to live in fear of separation from his or her loved ones or home. We are taking the lead, together with the ACLU and the Employee Rights Center, to develop a Rapid Response Network to keep families together protect our brothers and sisters from raids and deportations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). We are also responding directly to incidences of racially-motivated police brutality and victimization of residents and communities by white supremacists. If you see immigration enforcement activity in your neighborhood, call our 24-hour hotline: (619) 536-0823.
  • Legislation to defend families from deportation
    After nine long months of our congregations struggling to defend ourselves against the rising tide of deportations, the California State Assembly passed the California Values Act (SB 54), an important bill to keep our families together. National City passed a resolution in support of the bill, and named itself a Compassionate City in support of immigrants living in the city.
  • Paving a pathway to citizenship
    We seek permanent legislation that includes a roadmap to citizenship. We are conducting workshops in parishes throughout the San Diego Diocese, providing information for thousands of immigrants on current legal developments, with assessments for individuals interested to participate in DACA. We are recruiting "DACA Defenders," immigrants who pledge to move towards naturalization themselves, and to recruit at least 10 voters who pledge to vote for immigration-friendly candidates and policies.

Our Fight

Protect our brothers and sisters who are undocumented and ensure that no one stands alone in the risk of inhumane deportation.