Issues & Campaigns

Protect Our Right to Affordable Housing

Our leaders take Jonathan Herrera, San Diego’s chief advisor on homelessness, on a tour of our neighborhoods.

"We don't just represent the struggles. We represent the solution." - Bishop Terrell Fletcher

Our Vision

Affordable housing for all people regardless of neighborhood and skin color, while combating homelessness and protecting the rights of tenants.

Our Major Victories

  • Addressing North County's housing crisis
    In 2017, after conducting one-on-one conversations with over 100 families in their homes, our leaders identified the cost of housing as a primary local concern of low-income families in North County member congregations. We are now conducting research meetings with stakeholders on the housing crisis and developing a strategy that incorporates homelessness prevention, increased services for the homeless, and an increase in the availability of affordable housing in the region.
  • Affordable housing for all
    In the early 2000s, we began raising the alarm around the cost of housing long before it became an issue in the public square. In 2002, we initiated an Affordable Housing for All campaign, which brought together more than 3,000 community members with business, labor and city council which resulted in the declaration of a State of Housing Emergency; the passage of an inclusionary housing ordinance; $55 million in new revenues for affordable housing; and the establishment of an Affordable Housing Task Force.

  • 100 Homes
    A new Lucky's/SavOn commercial complex on 43rd Street, 100 new homes and a new elementary school have been built as a result of an 18-year campaign by SDOP leaders to bring economic development to the Southcrest community.

Our Fight

Protect existing affordable housing units and advocating for homelessness prevention services and policies that create more affordable housing for our families and lift our communities out of homelessness.