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A Historic Timeline of the San Diego Organizing Project

2008: The Year of Our Youth campaign is launched at St. Jude Shrine of the West Catholic Church

 Historic Timeline


Storm Drain and Christ the King

Weed Abatement Ordinance passed by People Against Weeds (PAWS) which required that dangerous lots be cleared


*Committee for clean grocery stores worked to improve sanitation and quality of food in Southeast.

*252 corridor State used eminent domain to clear out houses and   make room for state freeway 252.  SDOP blocked construction of freeway.        

*Paving alleys early 80s: Alleys in neighborhoods all dirt.  CDBG money, supposed to go to poor neighborhoods, instead towards gaslamp revitalization.  SDOP went to gaslamp inauguration with wheelbarrows of dirt.  SD chicken appeared, Pete Wilson mayor.

*Public drinking: Imperial Avenue, mainly loitering, drinking in public, near schools.  SDOP put pressure, AB96 passed- no drinking near schools. 

1985 Won support for building Sherman Heights Community Center (which opened in 1994)

1989 St Rita's Action with Mayor Maureen O'Conner on drug issues

1991-1992 Pride and Protection Program established A 28.5 million dollar investment in San Diego's communities, Neighborhood Pride and Protection emphasized community policing, rehabilitation programs, drug education in the schools, recreational programs for youth and extended library hours. 

1993 Issue: Liquor Stores

1994 Established Med-Biotech Academies at Hoover and Lincoln High School

1996 Launched Learn and Earn Program (paid internships for high school students)

        100 new homes and Caesar Chavez elementary school open on 43rd St

1998 Academic Learning Centers and Afterschool Programs established

1999 Opened public Charter School

Created 6 to 6 program 6 to 6 program was instituted at over 130 schools in San Diego, positively affecting the lives of 15,000 students and their parents. 

Soon after its implementation, the 6 to 6 program became a model for after school centers across the nation. 

2000 Health Care Rally on expanding Healthy Families

          St Judes Rally: Call to Health

          First Lutherans Press Conference on Health

2001-2002 8 local actions on housing

June 2002- big housing action at St Judes.  Presented housing work plan

August - Housing Day- 800 people down to city hall.  Passed inclusionary housing ordinance, housing task force - came up with 64 recommendations, all that weren't dependent on money were implemented. Also, 55 million dollars for redevelopment money for affordable housing. 

2003 New Creation: Affordable Housing

2003-2004 Living Wage Ordinances

2004 Tenants Rights: if a resident for more than two years, landlord must put reasons for eviction in writing and give residents 60 days to respond.

2005 OLSH action on crime

2006 Immigration Reform March

2007 New Creation has action on Youth

          St. Judes Youth March

2008 Year of our Youth Pilot Project is launched

2009 Health Care, Economy, and Immigration