About SDOP

"We believe that faith is stronger than fear and hope is more powerful than hate. We believe that we are called to welcome the stranger, to release the captive, to give sight to the blind and to care for the vulnerable. We believe that this country is better than what we read about daily and that is our job to make it so by our actions." -Bishop Cornelius Bowser

Who is the San Diego Organizing Project?

Seeing the truly desperate needs of families, local faith leaders and concerned residents came together in 1978 to ask one bold question: "How can we address the root inequalities that are causing suffering in our communities?" From there, the San Diego Organizing Project was born.

We unite people in faith.

Today, we are a network of 31 diverse faith congregations building community power to drive justice and equality in San Diego County. We are a nonpartisan, multi-issue, interfaith federation representing more than 70,000 families across San Diego.

As one of the most diverse grassroots networks in the region, we uniquely bridge racial, cultural and economic divides. We celebrate our differences and remain united by our shared values of equality, compassion and faith turned into action.

We are a member of the PICO National Network, which has more than 1,000 member institutions representing one million families in 17 states across the country.

We unlock the power of people.

Since 1979, we have built community power by training local leaders to organize and advocate for improvements in the quality of life for all families in our neighborhoods.

We increase access to health care, improve public schools, make neighborhoods safer, build affordable housing, redevelop communities, and revitalize democracy by holding elected officials accountable.

Keep reading to learn more about how we're protecting the rights of all God's children in San Diego County, and how you can be part of it.